Salvador Ayala, originally from Mexico city, with studies on Commercial Photography and expertise on photo-advertisement for almost fifteen years, moved to Montreal, QC. in 2001 to upgrade studies in Graphic Design.


Salvador has participate and improved many photo operations in Canada, he has provided his services to famous photographers and companies in Mexico, Canada and United States, Salvador deeply specialized on Commercial Photography in Mexico and later on Aerial Photography, Event Photography, Digital Image Manipulation and Graphic design in Canada, he started is own company in 2009 for Commercial Photography and Graphic Design services with an excellent success and great feed-back from his clients in several areas in Canada, he has improved new approaches into marketing and promotional services with his unique technique, that he calls, “being at the right place at the right moment”  time and space its the content on his images, light and color is his raw material, create an image is not just to present a perspective or point of view, he says, its also being part of the image.


  1. Fifteen years of Commercial Photography experience: preparing sketches, environments, stages, layouts and graphic elements using traditional tools. Since 2000 using multimedia software applications, image processing, layout and design softwares.

  2. Six years in Aerial Photography and Photo operations management in Canada.

  3. Ten Years in Graphic Design, Advertisement, Promotional Marketing, Book Designing, page layout and web design; graphic support for Architecture, Construction, Engineering and other logistics.

About Salvador Ayala,

President at Foresight Architectural Studio

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